United Building Consensus On Electoral Reforms


Official Presentation


  • The re-establishment of citizens’ rights and guarantees and the release of all political prisoners (compliance with the agreements of 27.03.19 related to the “definitive release of political prisoners” and of 29.03.19 related to “strengthening citizens’ rights and guarantees”).

  • International electoral monitoring and observation.

The reforms are necessary to:

  • 1

    Re-establish independence, transparency and trust in the Electoral System for the holding of timely, free, fair, transparent and observed elections.

  • 2

    Facilitate a democratic, constitutional and peaceful negotiated solution to the socio-political crisis through broad and inclusive consensus.

  • 3

    Enable a transition toward democracy for the re-establishment of the rule of law and democratic institutionality.

  • 4

    Promote active citizens’ participation in electoral processes.

  • 5

    Enable the recovery of citizens’ voting power.

  • 6

    Facilitate the country’s economic and social recovery process.

  • 7

    Strengthen support from the international community.

  • 8

    Channel the Nicaraguan population’s demands.