Constitutional Reforms


Naming of the new CSE electoral magistrates.

  • Nomination of candidates by civil society.
  • Establishment of the principle of legal reserve in Nicaragua’s Political Constitution and Electoral Law.
  • Procedure for guaranteeing the suitability of the proposed candidates that will be analyzed by the National Assembly Legislative Commission.

Re-establish candidacies through popular subscription or independent candidacies for municipal- and regional-level elections.

Eliminate from Nicaragua’s Political Constitution the application of the legal standard prohibiting defection from one political party to another.

Guarantee the right of released political prisoners and exiles to run as candidates for elected office.

  • Repeal the requirement of having to have lived in the country for 4 years to run for President or Vice President; for 2 years to run as a National Assembly or PARLACEN legislator; and for 4 years to run for mayor/deputy mayor and the Caribbean Coast regional councils.
  • Establish a temporary article to stop people linked to events during and after April 2018 being prohibited from running for elected office.

Establish NON-REELECTION for the posts of President and Vice President.

Prohibit the spouse of an outgoing President from running for that post.

Re-establish the 50% + 1 threshold for presidential election and a second round if that threshold is not reached.

Repeal the requirement for political parties to obtain 4% of the vote to retain their legal status.

Elimination of unelected legislative seats.

  • Eliminate from Nicaragua’s Political Constitution the two unelected seats, one for the outgoing President and one for the second-placed presidential candidate.

Punish fraud and manipulation in electoral processes through life-time disqualification and the punishments contemplated in the Penal Code.

Jurisdictional oversight of CSE decisions.

  • Eliminate the provision stipulating that there is no appeal against CSE decisions or rulings.
  • Create a Specialized Electoral Justice Tribunal to administratively resolve appeals against CSE rulings.
  • The autonomous tribunal and its members must be named under the same mechanism and requirements proposed for electoral magistrates.

Establish the possibility of calling mid-term recall referendums for the posts of President and Vice President.